Strum Platform™ signs their 6th Jack Henry Client

Strum Platform
August 21, 2023

Strum Platform™ announced their newest clients, $1 billion, Chicago, Illinois-based Great Lakes FCU, and $750 million, Saginaw, Michigan-based Team One FCU, the 5th and 6th of their financial clients running on Jack Henry’s Symitar core system, to their Azure™ cloud customer data platform.
Strum Platform is the latest generation of cloud marketing technology solutions designed to help financial leaders build enhanced customer insights to deepen relationships, increase engagement and simplify user experiences. Using enhanced big data, a suite of API’s, PowerBI™ dashboards and AI insights, integrated with omni-channel marketing automation, the platform simplifies and improves onboarding, personalization, relationship profitability and performance.
Allison Videtti, VP Marketing of Great Lakes CU shared, “we don’t want to just sell products to our members, but empower them with education and timely services that help them live their best life, wherever they are in their journey.”
Advancing brand experiences and relationship building today requires data collaboration among teams using enhanced data insights, simplified PowerBI dashboards and daily AI insights into consumers lives, behaviors and relationship journeys. With the ability to measure real product sales conversions and marketing ROI across all channels, Strum Platform helps financial marketers and leaders make strategic, agile decisions to improve growth.
Strum Platform CEO Mark Weber added, “the analyst-level PowerBI dashboards and member journey machine learning insights come from our team’s deep expertise in financial data-driven strategies, lifestyle segmentation, profitability modeling, loan and deposit marketing and channel analytics. “We’re providing our clients analytics insights into their members lives, coupled with cross-channel marketing automation to increase profitable relationships and automate manual workflow tracking that optimizes growth results.”


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