WEBINAR: Fueling Deposit Growth - Proven Strategies for Overcoming Economic Challenges

Ben Stangland
February 13, 2024

In this essential webinar, we delve into the tactics and strategies financial institutions can utilize to attract, retain, and maximize deposit dollars amidst a challenging high-interest rate environment. We'll explore innovative approaches to not only maintain but grow your deposit base by leveraging deep data analytics and member-centric strategies. Join us to discover how you can navigate the downturn effectively and emerge stronger.

  • Leveraging Deep Data Analytics: Utilize advanced data insights to drive deposit growth and tailor member experiences.
  • Member Retention Techniques: Employ targeted strategies to maintain and deepen member relationships.
  • Innovative Product Development: Explore new product avenues to attract deposits and meet evolving member needs.

Presented by Ben Stangland, President & COO along with Laurie Flanders, VP of Client Solutions for Strum Platform


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