One Nevada Credit Union selects Strum Platform™ Marketing Analytics CDP Platform

Mark Weber
May 29, 2024

SEATTLE, WA., May 28, 2024, Strum Platform™ announced today it signed the $1.4 billion, Las Vegas, Nevada-based One Nevada Credit Union to their Customer Data Platform (CDP).

Strum Platform is now one of the leading analytics marketing technologies in the credit union and banking industry. It helps financial leaders actionalize their data to generate new deposits and loans using machine learning and AI, through intelligent targeting and highly personalized marketing automation. By tapping into behavioral and transactional data, enhanced with lifestyle segmentation insights, it maximizes intelligent audience segmentation and personalizes cross-selling and onboarding to generate and track revenue results.

One Nevada Credit Union EVP & CFO, Steve O’Donnell shared, "One Nevada selected Strum Platform because of their expertise in helping credit unions actionalize their data analytics with AI insights for life stage targeting, next best cross-selling and personalizing smarter experiences. By having relationship profitability and lifestyle insights, we can onboard new members, better engage current members, and improve relationship-building journeys instantly. The combination of Strum Platform with our enterprise data warehouse provider Arkatechture, will allow us to fully leverage our data lakehouse insights, AI models, and business intelligence to help our members improve their financial well-being while accelerating our growth and marketing strategies. By automating workflows, we are trading our staff’s busywork for frictionless and smarter member experiences."  

Strum Platform CEO Mark Weber added, “We’re providing our clients deep insights into their customers and members lives with automated tools to build smarter journeys that fuel engagement and boost deposit and loan growth.” Weber added, “Some of our clients are increasing their deposit and loan account openings by 8-10 times, while also capturing vital younger millennial and GenZ segments in ways that improve their financial wellbeing.”

About Strum Platform

Strum Platform™ is a Customer Data Platform (CDP) designed for financial institutions to leverage enhanced consumer and small business data to identify and target their ideal segments, cross-sell deposits and loans and improve onboarding experiences. It leverages generative-AI, business intelligence and marketing automation to optimize personalization, deepen relationships, track ROI and increase data-driven marketing results.


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