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Learn how Strum Platform is helping our customers drive growth & success.

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Ventura County Credit Union Leverages Strum Platform to Enhance Marketing Efficiency and Effectiveness

Ventura County Credit Union (VCCU) faced significant challenges with their marketing efforts due to outdated and fragmented systems. With the help of Strum Platform, VCCU has transformed its marketing capabilities, achieving impressive cost savings and operational efficiencies. This case study explores how Strum Platform addressed VCCU's pain points and drove substantial improvements in their marketing strategy.

How Strum Platform Helped a Mississippi Credit Union Attract $8 Million in New Deposits

Client: Statewide Federal Credit Union Industry: Financial Services Location: Flowood, Mississippi Asset Size:$177 million Challenge: Increasing deposits in a competitive interest rate environment Solution: Strum Platform’s advanced analytics and targeted marketing strategies

Strum Platform Drives Data-Driven Marketing Success and Results at Embold Credit Union

Gain ideas and innovative tips on how these Oregon credit union leaders have achieved record-setting marketing growth, and helped their leaders leverage member data analytics insights into strategies to drive growth of new deposits, loans, relationships and market expansion. Quick data: 50% increase in email responses; 5X increase in new deposit and loan account volume; 7X increase in home equity lending. Read the case study now.

3 Keys to Boosting Brand, Culture & Data-driven Marketing Results

Join Mark Weber, CEO of Strum and Strum Platform, and Laurie Flanders, VP of Client Solutions for Strum Platform, in a robust discussion of how credit unions can reach a higher level of strategic growth, cultural alignment and marketing performance.

Five Stages of a Successful Customer Data Analytics Journey

If you have ever been a part of a data analytics transformation of your customer data and advanced marketing technology systems (and results tracking), you know that it can be a rewarding process as you move towards designing simpler, more personalized customer experiences and generating improved marketing performance. Download the free white paper.

The Rising Need to Understand, Measure, and Deploy Relationship Profitability

As competition for identifying, retaining and growing more of the "ideal" consumer segments intensifies, it is no longer enough to settle for a rough idea of relative organizational profitability, without knowing which segments are the largest drivers of growth and profitability. Download the free white paper.

Firefly: Leveraging Personas

As Minnesota’s oldest credit union, US Federal Credit Union had seen many changes throughout its 90+ years. Founded by postal workers, they had grown steadily to almost a billion dollars. Like many organizations, however, stagnation was slowing growth.

Why Florida’s Pen Air Moved Beyond their MCIF

Many financial marketers are stuck using decades old, time-delayed manual processes that slow onboarding, engagement and cross-selling for weeks. It’s stifling retention, limiting profitability, and eating up valuable marketing and IT time. But Florida’s $2.3 billion Pen Air Federal Credit Union has leaned into cloud-based data analytics innovation to advance their member experience marketing program.

Blueshore CIO Fred Cook on Using Analytics to Shape Growth

Blueshore Financial CIO, Fred Cook shares how Strum help's their leaders listen to their organization's data to shape strategy and growth.

Find the Hidden Catalyst in your Data for Growth

In this free webinar Mark Weber, CEO of Strum and Casey Bacon, CEO of Statewide FCU share how to build a data-driven analytics culture and a road map to increase engagement, retention and track ROI results

The need to understand, measure, and deploy relationship profitability

Download the free white paper to learn about relationship profitability insights

By Mark Weber, CEO & Chairman - StrumWhile many credit union leaders have tried to build organizational profit models, few have succeeded in building a sightline on the real profitability of their member relationships.Some have generalized, peer-level profitability, or average household profitability based on industry “standards.” Certainly few, if any, know what the “lifetime profitability” of their members truly is. And in fact, some leaders (and boards) have simply determined that it is wrong to identify or even discuss which members are profitable or unprofitable, lest they be treated unfairly.That lack of relationship profitability insight threatens to hinder leaders during an especially vulnerable time: as margins are squeezed; capital ratios decline and lending is challenged amidst the pandemic and recession. If successful growth in the past decade has been covering this blind spot, we are now in a moment where data gaps like this can no longer be ignored.

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