Find the Hidden Catalyst in your Data for Growth

CEO Casey Bacon on Nurturing Relationships, Managing KPI’s, & Growth

In this free webinar Mark Weber, CEO of Strum and Casey Bacon, CEO of Statewide FCU share how to build a data-driven analytics culture and a road map to increase engagement, retention and track ROI results

Consumers have never needed proactive help from financial institutions more than right now - to build resilience with smart tools, personalized information, and affordable lending. How can you engage to nurture valued relationships, manage KPIs, and attract new consumers with high potential for growth?

In this free webinar Mark and Casey share how you can turn data analytics into actionable insights to automate and accelerate profitable relationship growth, team collaboration and overall performance.

Mark and Casey share a road map for building an analytics-driven culture, growth strategy to increase engagement, retention and to track ROI results.

They cover:

  • Identifying the most engaged and profitable lifestyle segments
  • Building a culture of analytics collaboration to speed decision making
  • Optimizing data analytics to improve and personalize onboarding journeys

As consumers demand simplicity and digital personalization, learn how to pivot from generic “cross-selling” to leveraging business intelligence and AI insights to predict needs, deepen relationships, and build trust.

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