Professional Services

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Welcome to Strum Platform's Professional Services

Unlock the full potential of Strum Platform with our highly skilled financial data analysts and marketing strategists. Our professional services are custom-tailored to bridge the expertise gap by enhancing your in-house capabilities to build impactful data-driven strategies and analyze the return. This partnership enables clients to optimize use of this powerful data platform and get the most value and results to positively impact product sales, ROI and overall growth.

Why Choose Strum Platform Professional Services?

Financial Analytics Expertise

Gain a wealth of seasoned financial industry data strategists who act as an extension of your marketing team, focusing on data-driven marketing, streamlined processes and product sales results.

Goal-Oriented Collaboration

Work side-by-side with our analysts to identify critical data insights and create impactful marketing strategies, while focusing on achieving your institution's specific growth, retention and member experience goals.

Comprehensive Analysis

Receive in-depth analyses, business intelligence and reporting of member/customer relationships, lifestyle segmentation insights, and product sales ROI reports to adopt more effective data-driven marketing success.

Actionable Data Roadmap

Our strategist partner with clients to identify opportunities and develop a clear, actionable roadmap for automating onboarding journeys and personalizing cross-selling campaigns, with the flexibility to adapt, test and evolve throughout the year.

Training and Onboarding

Empower your team with comprehensive training and learning how to leverage data analytics to drive results using the platform. We’ll equip your team with new skills to optimize and report results.

Continuous Engagement

Benefit from regular data consulting, quarterly C-Suite strategy performance reviews, and an annual program performance evaluation to ensure ongoing alignment and success.

The need to understand, measure, and deploy relationship profitability

Download the free white paper to learn about relationship profitability insights

By Mark Weber, CEO & Chairman - StrumWhile many credit union leaders have tried to build organizational profit models, few have succeeded in building a sightline on the real profitability of their member relationships.Some have generalized, peer-level profitability, or average household profitability based on industry “standards.” Certainly few, if any, know what the “lifetime profitability” of their members truly is. And in fact, some leaders (and boards) have simply determined that it is wrong to identify or even discuss which members are profitable or unprofitable, lest they be treated unfairly.That lack of relationship profitability insight threatens to hinder leaders during an especially vulnerable time: as margins are squeezed; capital ratios decline and lending is challenged amidst the pandemic and recession. If successful growth in the past decade has been covering this blind spot, we are now in a moment where data gaps like this can no longer be ignored.

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