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3 Keys to Boosting Brand, Culture & Data-driven Marketing Results

Join Mark Weber, CEO of Strum and Strum Platform, and Laurie Flanders, VP of Client Solutions for Strum Platform, in a robust discussion of how credit unions can reach a higher level of strategic growth, cultural alignment and marketing performance.They will share success stories of credit unions that have undergone the transition towards brand alignment and focus on growth and increased marketing performance.In this free webinar, Mark and Laurie will delve into detail about how credit unions can: 1. Align your organization around an inspiring purpose-driven brand and culture2. Unlock member needs, lifestyles and goals with rich data insights and intelligence-driven marketing3. Enrich and personalize member experiences and journeys with generative-AI4. Driving, measuring and reporting marketing performance results, sales conversions & true ROI.

The need to understand, measure, and deploy relationship profitability

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By Mark Weber, CEO & Chairman - StrumWhile many credit union leaders have tried to build organizational profit models, few have succeeded in building a sightline on the real profitability of their member relationships.Some have generalized, peer-level profitability, or average household profitability based on industry “standards.” Certainly few, if any, know what the “lifetime profitability” of their members truly is. And in fact, some leaders (and boards) have simply determined that it is wrong to identify or even discuss which members are profitable or unprofitable, lest they be treated unfairly.That lack of relationship profitability insight threatens to hinder leaders during an especially vulnerable time: as margins are squeezed; capital ratios decline and lending is challenged amidst the pandemic and recession. If successful growth in the past decade has been covering this blind spot, we are now in a moment where data gaps like this can no longer be ignored.

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